Friday, August 19, 2016

Color Your Worries Away

When you think of coloring books you usually picture kids sprawled out on the floor with their favorite coloring book and a box of crayons.  However adult coloring books are all the rage and are a way to de-stress.  Just about every craft store, department store and grocery store have a range of different style adult coloring books to choose from. From simple sea scapes to complex mandalas get lost in vibrant colors. I personally enjoy coloring at night with a cup of tea and my colored pencils fanned out on the coffee table.  It is a soothing way to end the day and helps me to settle down for some quiet time before turning in for the night.  I notice when I do a quiet activity before bed like reading or coloring that I sleep better. Our days can be stressful and hectic and finding a quiet and soothing activity can help de-stress you and calm you.  Stress takes a toll on the body and something as simple as coloring, doodling or the art of Zentangle can help you focus on the moment and breath.  Most libraries offer nights where you can pop in with your favorite coloring book or coloring sheets are provided and enjoy the company of others while listening to soft music.  Our very own Blackstone Library offered this in the spring and currently has a table set up both in the Adult area and the Children’s room with a large coloring sheet and coloring supplies. Patrons are invited to color sections of it as a Community Coloring Project.  Take a few minutes to get lost in the moment and help brighten our library for all to enjoy.  No matter where you color, remember to take a few moments to clear your head of “to do “lists and hit the reset button and just enjoy the quiet. 

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