Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Healthy Start to Your Day

Starting your day off on the right foot begins with a healthy breakfast that energizes you for the day.  Although it sounds simple enough to accomplish, it’s something a lot of us don’t do as often or as well as we would like.  With a hectic day ahead sometimes we get caught up in all the tasks ahead of us and we do not fuel our body in the best way to tackle it.  We grab a granola bar and a coffee or we plan on making a stop to get something healthy on the way.  However we end up grabbing an unhealthy option or we don’t have time to make the stop and skip breakfast.  The result either way is we are hungry way before lunch and aren’t focused on the tasks for the day but rather our grumbling tummy.  Hopefully healthy snacks are tucked in your desk drawer or car to keep the grumbling to a minimal till lunch time.  Just like planning ahead for healthy snacks for the day try to set yourself up for a healthy start each day.  Keep items on hand that can be used for quick breakfasts. Buy frozen fruit or cut up fresh fruit & measure them out into small containers or freezer bags for a quick toss in for a smoothie.  Also keep low fat milk, almond milk, yogurt or your preferred smoothie base stocked in your fridge.  You can also buy healthy smoothie mixes at the grocery store and you just need to toss in low fat milk & ice into your blender.  Go on line and scope out easy healthy breakfast bars or breakfast cookies to make ahead that you can set aside for the week in containers or freeze and pull out as you need.  Make individual servings of oatmeal ahead of time and store in the fridge that you can just microwave quickly on a busy morning.  The night before cook a few hard boil eggs for a quick protein packed breakfast.  Another healthy quick option is plain Greek yogurt with your favorite nuts, fruits and spices tossed in.  When you prepare part of or all of your breakfasts a head of time you will have a healthy meal ready to go with no fuss.  You’ll be fueled up and ready to start your busy day and focused on what you have to do and the people around you and not on your next meal.

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