Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Staying Fit While Away

By: Amy M.

 Summer is officially here and whether you can only get away for the weekend or for a full week, staying on track with your exercise can be done along with your other activities.  When planning where you are going to stay, look to see what they offer on the property and off.  If you plan to stay at a hotel, most have gyms and some might offer fitness classes or activities on the premises.  Don’t forget about the pool, you can get a morning swim in before you venture off for the day or in the evening when you get back.  My kids always are asking to hit the pool before we start the day’s adventure and then again before we go to sleep.  If a rental property is more your style check for local lakes either off the property or close by so you can get in some swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding.  Also look to see if there are bike paths, hiking trails or local 5ks taking place near where you are staying.  My kids like to check out chasms and caverns when we go away, which is a fun way to get that walking and climbing in.  Most vacations usually have quite a bit of walking built in whether at an amusement park or seeing the sights at your destination so don’t fret if you don’t get anything else in.  Keep it simple, keep it fun and remember to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Check out the article below on the Blackstone Library website. The article can be found on the Gale Databases through the Pathways to Success link.

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