Monday, June 6, 2016

Keep Cool

By:  Amy M.

The warm weather we’ve all been waiting for has finally settled in along with it are those really hot and humid days.  On those days the heat and humid air can make exercise more difficult with movement and breathing.  You’re daily workout can be done but will need a little adjusting to keep it safe.   Your best bet is to exercise inside at the gym or at home where air-conditioning is available which will make the workout more comfortable.   Instead of a walk, hike or run try a class or the treadmill at your gym.  If you prefer to workout at home there are plenty of exercise shows on cable and on line to stream if you do not have a DVD of your own or a routine that you normally do.  If you decide to go outside, try to go early in the morning or later in the day when temperatures are cooler.   Even though it may be cooler early or later in the day still be cautious and do not push yourself and overdo it.  Avoid exercising mid-day where the temperatures and the humidity are usually at their highest.  Whether you choose to exercise inside or outside, drinking plenty of water is very important.  Staying hydrated no matter the weather is always important but is more crucial on those very hot days to avoid heat related illnesses.  Also dress in lighter and looser clothes to make it easier for your body to move and stay cool.  Staying on track with your fitness goals can be done in the summer you just need to take a few extra steps to make sure it’s safe and enjoyable.

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