Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Exercise While on the Go

By: Amy M.

As the days get longer so do our lists of things to get done and our need to squeeze as much as we can into one day.  Right after work there are errands to do and kids to shuffle to sport practices and activities.  If one thing gets dropped off the list, it’s usually getting that workout in because we are focused on everyone else and not ourselves.  Time can be tight but try not to bump yourself off that list because getting that exercise in will you keep you healthy so you can keep going.  If you can’t fit a work out in before work, try going for a walk or doing stairs on your lunch break.  When dropping your kids off at the baseball or soccer field you can go for a walk or jog around the field and get your exercise in during their practice.  Also, try finding out ahead of time if there’s a bike path near your errands, their practice or activity that you can walk, jog or ride your bike.  If you live near where their practice or activity is then maybe walking there instead of driving is an option.  If you have your other children with you then bring a ball with you and have a kickball game with them while you are waiting.  If doing errands try parking further away at each place to squeeze in some extra steps. It may take a little planning ahead of time and some creativity but getting in your exercise while on the go can be done.

Check out the article below on the Blackstone Library website. It can be found on the Gale Databases by clicking on the Pathways to Success link:

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