Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dive into Exercise

By: Amy M.

If your exercise routine is getting a little stale try changing it up for the week and give water exercise a try.  Swimming and water aerobics is a great way to switch things up and it’s gentle on your joints.  It may be too soon to go to your local lake or outdoor pool but try your local gym, community center or local high school to see if they have one.  Some facilities have open lap or open swim times so you can work on your own routine or have a fun workout challenge with family or friends.  Call or check their web site for classes if you’re looking for a more structured workout. Most places have early morning times as well as evening times so you can choose to go before or after work. You may also want to ask when their busiest times are so you are not coming at a crazy busy time if you are looking for a peaceful evening swim.  Check to see if they have lockers in the changing and shower area that you can put your clothes and belongings in.  Also, check  for their rules and policies because each facility might be different.  Swimming, water aerobics, walking or jogging in water are all great ways to build strength because of the resistance of every movement in the water. With every stroke and movement you’re going against the water which makes for a very good and challenging workout.  Even though you may not feel yourself sweating because you’re in the water remember you are exerting a lot of energy so make sure you are hydrated like with any exercise routine.  Swimming and water exercise can also be relaxing and help with your mood so remember to have fun with it and enjoy the experience.

Check out the article below on the Blackstone Library site.  It can be found in the Gale database located on the Pathways to Success link.
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