Monday, May 2, 2016

Working Out At Night

By: Amy M.

Spring has finally settled in and the summer is within reach along with warmer and longer daylight hours that make getting that work out in at night doable.   Whether you are going out for that evening walk, run or bike ride keep in mind that on your return back it may be darker than when you left.  At night along with more traffic and more people out there are more distractions so keep it safe.  Make sure that not only do you pack your usual supplies but that you also have identification,  a charged cell phone and wear reflective and bright clothing so you can be seen.  At night is not a time to wear your favorite dark t-shirt, the brighter the better because you need to be seen.  Reflective gear from hats, shirts right down to sneakers can be purchased at most sports department stores and is a necessity for working out at night. You can also purchase reflective tape and decorate your favorite gear.  Although music may make your workout more enjoyable with dusk approaching leaving it at home may make it safer.  Try also going with family and friends the more of you there are the more that can be seen.   Taking a few extra steps to make sure your evening work out is safer will make it more enjoyable and something to look forward to. 

Check out the Gale database article below which can be found on the Blackstone Library site through the Pathways to Success link.

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