Monday, March 28, 2016

Walking or Running Your First 5K

By: Amy M.

If you’re tired of just running at your local track or your regular neighborhood route,  why not break up your routine and sign up for a 5K?  If you have never run or walked in an organized event there are so many to choose from you will be able to find one that’s just right for you.  There are family ones that you can walk or run the route and most have a fun mile for kids and lots of family activities.  A lot of local communities have 5k’s to benefit charities, schools, activities or clubs. These types of 5k’s are family friendly and are a great place to start running your first race because they are for all levels. There are 5K’s that are more of an event and have obstacles throughout the route to make it more fun and challenging.  These types of races are great if you are competitive and want to push yourself to the next level of racing. There are also 5ks at local trails at state parks that can be more of a challenge for the more experienced runner.  It’s important as with any run to make sure you have the right sneakers and clothes for which ever type of race you chose.  Make sure you read all race information to make sure you have everything needed for the race and for all rules and safety recommendations.  Entering a race is a fun way to switch up your running and a different way to get involved in local communities. 

To train for your first 5k check out the link below:

To find a race near you check out the link below:

Check out the article below on the Blackstone Library site located on the Pathways to Success link.
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