Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Being Kinder to Yourself

By Amy M.
Often we push through our day and get caught up in multi-tasking and our “to do” lists trying to get as much done as possible and by the end of the day we are exhausted and don’t feel like we got much accomplished.  We spread ourselves thin and think the more we do and the faster we do it the better the outcome and often the opposite is true.  Most of the time when we rush through our day we forget to do things or we are not doing them the best we can.  Part of being healthy is not only eating healthy and exercising but also learning to take time out to hit the reset button and take care of our mindset as well.  Meditation at home or simply taking ten minutes to decompress and empty your thoughts can actually make you more productive and you’ll start your day refreshed and ready to knock out that “to do” list.  I know for me it can be hard to just sit for ten minutes to clear my head and just focus on my breath.  It is something I am working on and when I do make time to do it my day flows a lot better and I feel revitalized.  Going to a gentle yoga class can also teach you to slow your thoughts and breathing and help in relieving stress and anxiety.  There are several types of yoga so make sure you ask what the focus of the class is so you pick the right one for you.  I personally enjoy Hatha Yoga* because it focuses on breathing and the movements are slow and calming.  Practicing a gentle yoga or meditation can clear your head and help with a positive attitude, productivity, sleep, and overall health.  Just try to take a few moments a day to be kinder and gentler to yourself and you’ll feel better for it and more productive.

 Hatha Yoga: Source Citation: Douglas Dupler and Teresa G. Odle Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, 4th Edition, Farmington Hills, MI: Gale, 2014, pp. 1070-1074.

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