Thursday, March 10, 2016

Warm Winter Days

By: Amy M.
Last weekend it was too cold to go outside, you were in layers and hibernating inside.  This weekend it feels like spring and you find yourself in a sweatshirt and more than ready to go outside.  Welcome to New England where the weather can change drastically in only a few days!  Take advantage of the sudden change in warmer weather and go outside and get some well needed fresh air. Take a stroll in your neighborhood or go for a longer excursion at your local hiking trails.  If you are fortunate to live near a bike path this is a great time to venture out either solo or with family and friends. Whether walking or biking the path, it’s a great time to explore and venture to sections you haven’t tried yet or haven’t had time to.  Most bike paths have a few different locations to pick it up, so check out your local path’s site and map out a new route to try.  You’ll be thankful for the day’s adventure and be recharged with thoughts of spring to keep you warm when the cold comes back as soon as it left.

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