Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Working in Your Yard Leads To a Better You

By Amy M.

With spring right around the corner and the temperatures hinting at warmer days, it’s time to start yard clean up.  Being cooped up inside all winter it certainly is refreshing to switch from indoor tasks to outdoor chores.  Working out in your yard can also be beneficial to your health.  Not only can the warm sun and warm breeze lighten your mood and lower your blood pressure but mowing the lawn and raking can burn calories as well.  Sometimes we don’t equate yardwork as exercise but don’t forget you are stretching, pulling, pushing, bending and lifting. Aren’t you ever exhausted after a day of working in the yard? That’s because it is hard work!  Just be cautious on not over doing it, taking breaks as needed and staying hydrated. You can get just as much of a workout doing this weekend’s yardwork as working out at the gym.  Don’t forget about gardening where you can burn up to 36 calories in just 5 minutes from bending, digging and spading*. Gardening is also relaxing, lowers your blood pressure and can help lighten your mood. If you’re planting a vegetable garden you are also reaping the health benefits of fresh grown produce. If you’re new to gardening come learn about Tomato Gardening on March 8th at the Blackstone Library with Kate Donovan** and get started on that garden. Enjoy beautifying your yard and become a healthier you at the same time.

**Tomato Gardening with Kate Donovan is brought to you by federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. You must register for this program please call the Blackstone Library at 508-883-1931.