Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Staying on Track with Exercise in the Winter

By Amy M.

In the beginning of winter we are all bustling with busier schedules because of the holidays and it’s easy to slide on getting in exercise.  It is a very busy time with fitting in shopping, work parties, school events, traveling, and celebrating on top of our regular days.  Once the holidays are over there is the promise that most of us make to ourselves that now we will get back on track with fitness.  Then it gets dark out sooner, temperatures drop and so does our motivation.  It is so easy to hit that snooze button and skip the gym or that morning walk/jog and clutch our comforters and say “I’ll start tomorrow”.  Well today is yesterday’s tomorrow so it’s time to make time for ourselves and get exercise in that we enjoy.
If you do not enjoy what you pick for exercise it’s not going to keep you motivated to keep going. Keep it simple and keep it fun. If you enjoy hiking in the spring and summer why not try hiking or snowshoeing in the winter? My family and I enjoy walking the trails at the Blackstone Gorge.  We are fortunate in the Blackstone Valley where there are plenty of places to hike like the Blackstone Gorge here in Blackstone, West Hill Damn in Uxbridge or the Hopedale Parklands in Hopedale. You just need to dress warmly, wear appropriate boots/snowshoes and before you know it you are taking a nice hike or snowshoeing with your family or friends and are healthier for it.  If you have kids or are a kid at heart why not go sledding or snow tubing?  What’s more fun racing your friends or family down the hill and then having a competition as to who can make it up the hill first? Do you enjoy ice skating? Why not meet up with friends or family and ice skate at a local pond or the Boys and Girls Club right here in Blackstone? If you prefer to stay home, why not have a friendly snow ball fight with your family? If you are more of an indoor exercise person why not try fitness video games? In the comfort of your own home you can play tennis, bowling and boxing individually or have a friendly match on a system like the Nintendo Wii.  Staying fit in the winter can be as simple as that. Have fun with it and get the people you care about involved in it and you’ll stay on track with exercise and have some fun at the same time.