Monday, April 11, 2016

Try Working Out With a Friend

By Amy M.

If you are struggling to stay motivated to exercise on your own, then inviting a friend to go with you might be just what you need.  Friends encourage, support and depend on one another, which is exactly what you need when you start slipping on your routine.  You might hit that snooze button if it’s just you because no one is depending on you to show up. If you make plans to meet up with your friend at the local track, community pool or hiking trail, you’ll make sure you show up because you don’t want to bail on your friend.  It will keep you both committed to the routine and keeps you both on track.  Having your friend there will also keep your work outs more honest because they will challenge, push and cheer you on to get the most out of your workout.  You may also be more apt to try something new with someone else versus by yourself.  By trying things each other likes you could both end up loving a new exercise you wouldn’t of otherwise tried like kayaking or water aerobics.  A workout buddy adds fun to your workout because you are spending time with someone you enjoy which makes the workout itself more enjoyable.  When you are working out on your own you might be watching the minutes tick by but when you’re having fun with a friend the time will fly.  Before you know it you will notice how much you have improved, learned and stayed on track just by switching up your routine by adding your friend.

Check out the following article on the Blackstone Library site located on the Pathways to Success link.
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