Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Get More Movement in Your Day

By Amy M.

Our days seem to be filled with just as many excuses as to why we can’t fit in exercise as there are minutes in the day. We have busy lives and our days are filled with long to do lists. We beat ourselves up for not being able to start an exercise routine or missing a routine we already do.  So why not get that exercise in while you are knocking out that to do list or when at work? We need to be kinder to ourselves and fit in movement when we can and can do that with a few changes.
It all begins with the loud sound coming from our alarm clocks or phones imploring us to get up.  Make the simple step of moving your alarm clock or phone across the room.  Straight from the get go you have to get up and walk across the room to shut it off versus stretching an arm over to shut it off from down deep in your cozy comforter.  Once you’re up try adding more steps to your routine than you did the day before. If you have a pedometer or Fitbit this could be a goal you have throughout the week of adding more steps every day while out running errands or walking about the office. You could always have a friendly competition with friends, family or co-workers on who walked the most steps each day. When out doing errands or arriving at work try to park further away adding in more steps. Try to take a walk on your lunch break with co-workers or after dinner with a friend or family.  When the phone rings at work or home try pacing or walking around while talking.  If you get a lot of calls during the day you will certainly add more movement just by simply adding in that movement every time the phone rings.  If you have a stability ball or have been looking to get one, try replacing your chair with it. Some even come with a base to set it into so you can feel safer doing so. You can use it at work or home. My son uses ours while sitting at his desk doing his homework. I have used it for not only sitting at the desk but also while watching television. I have friends that have replaced their work chair with one.  Simply by sitting on a stability ball you are working your core muscles and as a bonus will have better posture for it.  When doing laundry, instead of over loading one large basket carry smaller loads to the washer adding in more steps. Our days can get pretty hectic but by simply committing to adding in a little more movement every day we can be healthier while we are busy.

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